The project GreenMotion is born to promote the use of green materials in the automobile.

GreenMotion is leaded by the Automotive Technology Centre of Galicia (CTAG) with the support of the European Union, which co-funding these activities with ERDF funds under the POCTEP Programme. The main objective is the creation of a virtual platform to provide enterprises from the Galician-North of Portugal Euroregion all the information about ecological materials that may be used in automobile in a close and easy way, promoting their integration in vehicles. The companies which wish it may to register in the platform covering a simple form on this web site. The registration will allow to access to both news, events and results of the project as the database of green materials, which includes a description of each of them according to the automotive standards, including both technical issues, as the environmental impact, the price and the availability in the market. As an example of the possibilities of these “green” materials, you can access a virtual dashboard that shows, by clicking on each piece, the plastics which is used nowadays and their less harmful alternatives to the environment. The last goal of this initiative is to encourage the emergence of innovative projects in Galicia and Northern Portugal, so all the companies that are registered on the virtual platform GreenMotion may publish on this web their project ideas and launch partner searches to carry them out. The entities will count all the time with the advice of members of partnership of GreenMotion: CTAG and CIS-Madeira in Spain and Polymer Engineering Polo (Piep) inPortugal.