The virtual demonstrator will allow you to easily access to all the information concerning the plastics of a standard automotive dashboard and its ecological alternatives. Just doing a click on each part of the dashboard, you will be able to visualize which materials are currently made of and its eco-friendly alternatives, scored by technical performances, availability, price and environmental impact.

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Materials data base is a list of plastic materials commonly used in interior parts within the automobile sector, correlated with its ecological alternatives.

Materials sheets, both conventional and ecological ones, include information about the technical performance, the proper processing, the price, the availability and the environmental impact.

Shortly, you will be able to consult both the current materials and the eco-friendly plastics sheets, being able to compare its characteristics.

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Our members’ data base will provide you with basic information about the entities that have joined our networked: contact data, type of organization, business area and interest in the project. This data base may help you to search potential partners to carry out your own bioplastic projects.

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Our project data base presents new proposals and ideas about biopolymers, indicating the already interested entities and the type of organization searched to develop them.

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